Suzanne's Cottage

Casual Living by Repurposing Old Treasures

Author: Suzanne

Seating for Two

This past weekend I saw three chairs on the side of the road. One was severely damaged but two were in excellent condition. The sign said “Free”!

Independence Day

If you’ve been a decorating buff for any period of time you have seen the “flag theme” overdone as an interior color scheme. Oftentimes the

The One That Got Away

I have been longing for a small old boat for years. I want it to place in a flower bed. Then I will place another

Rust Never Sleeps

Charles chose the title of this blog post. He says it is from a Neil Young album. Whoop Dee Doo! Charles likes Neil Young. I

Time for Eyeglasses?

I asked Charles for a photo of the Cottage. We have so many pictures of the interior and the gardens, but I noticed we didn’t have many

Stormy Skies

I can always count on Charles to capture our surroundings on film. A few weeks ago we had a series of thunderstorms pass through. After