Autumn 2016 = New Shop Space

Dat One at Artful Home
Day One – I just opened new shop space in Artful Home in Acton, Massachusetts.


My favorite season is Autumn. And I’m not talking about some generic autumn. No, I’m talking about Autumn in New England! After a long hot summer, we’re enjoying cool nights and brisk mornings. Autumn seems to be a catalyst for stimulating our nesting instinct. For me, Autumn also means New Shop Space!

I love creating cozy living room vignettes in my shops, and my new space in Acton, Massachusetts is no exception. Today was moving day – I loaded up a couple carloads of treasures and moved them to my corner at Artful Home.

I’m on the list for a couple shops in New Hampshire, closer to home. This Acton location is the closest shop I’ve ever had. Typically my New Hampshire shops have been over an hour away, making shop upkeep a half-day project at best. The Acton shop is only twenty minutes away from home.

Future Plans

Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing a few more items to dress up the walls. This will help pull the space together and it will maximize the use of the space by “going vertical”.

At this time, I have space in two shops. My goal is to have a presence in three shops, with diverse audiences, all within 30 minutes of home. I expect I will achieve this by the end of the year.

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