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Keep Your Treasures in Motion

  Let’s Define Motion The key to moving products is to keep your Treasures in Motion. The dictionary describes motion as, “the action or process

How I Decorate for Fall

Decorate for Fall – My Favorite Season I typically decorate for a season, not a holiday. So I decorate for Fall as a whole. The

Double-Stacked Mantles

Not a Gimmick This is not a trick design feature. I am stacking fireplace mantles simply because I have too many hearths and mantles, and

Who Needs a Cheese Press?

Say Cheese! Well, Cheese Press would be a more accurate term. I found this old hand-crafted press at a New Hampshire flea market, for a

Junking, NOT for Minimalists

Basement Storage The other day I chatted about how my basement is bursting at the seams. Storage space is precious. The issue with all this