Independence Day – July 4, 2012

Grab a flag on your way to the parade

If you’ve been a decorating buff for any period of time you have seen the “flag theme” overdone as an interior color scheme. Oftentimes the red, white and blue decor and accessories come off as corny or┬áschmalzy.

We fly the flag frequently on our house, but the buntings only appear for holidays.

July Fourth is a wonderful time to gather with friends, family and community to celebrate what has made this nation great. There is so much more to celebrating our independence than a sale at Wal-Mart. Grab a flag out of the flower pot, take the kids to Main Street and watch the parade.

Later in the day, toss a blanket on the lawn at the park and cuddle with your kids as you watch the fireworks.

Thermos Bottle Lamp

This is an ugly 70’s vintage Orange


I picked up an old orange plastic Thermos Brand vacuum bottle several weeks back. It looks like stuff we had back 30-40 years ago.

Though it was in excellent condition, I knew that present-day bottles are much more efficient in keeping my hubby’s Pete’s Coffee hot. So it was unlikely that it would ever be part of our kitchen arsenal again.

Then I had a brainstorm, I said, “I’ll make a lamp out of it!” The fact of the matter is I make lamps out of all kinds of junk. I have

What’s not to love about Green and Tan?

many nicknames among local pickers, some call me Rusty because I love rusty artifacts for the garden, and others call me Lamp Lady. I rescue, rebuild and repurpose dozens of lamps in a year.

Charles suggested leaving all the Tan colored parts tan and he painted the Orange body a nice matte finish Olive color from Krylon. We could have run the cord through the body, but I already had a fixture that had the cord at the top, so we went with that. Charles removed the glass vacuum insert and filled the base

Is this lamp a Grande or Venti? Ask the Barista.

with a few inches of rice. Sand or any heavy ballast material would do the trick.I hope you like the finished product. If you really like it, it’s in Booth 90.

Rust Never Sleeps

I love rust artifacts in my garden

Charles chose the title of this blog post. He says it is from a Neil Young album. Whoop Dee Doo!

Charles likes Neil Young. I don’t. But I do like rust. In fact I love rust; not on our cars or tools, but on old stuff in my garden. The gears in this photo belong in my garden.

My hubby discovered this cast iron relic while walking in the woods in Groton. The big gear is about 16 inches in diameter. Charles figures the entire assembly weighs about 75 pounds. It would require a trek of over a mile to the nearest road. If he would take better care of himself he would be fit enough to get this for me.

I will stop making him desserts and by Labor Day my fit and trim man can bring this trophy home.