Winter is Here in 2017

grinding wheel
The dusting of snow clinging to the circular grooves in this stone, present a frigid image.

Note: This was a surprise. I just discovered this post I wrote almost a year ago and forgot to publish it. So it’s back in season.

We managed to make it into mid-January (2016) before we experienced seasonally cold and inclement winter weather.

Earlier this week, we had about 3 inches of powder, accompanied by extremely high winds and frigid temperatures.

This evening, the forecast is for freezing rain changing to snow, ending at noontime tomorrow. But you didn’t tune in to Suzanne’s Cottage for the weather forecast, did you?

This old grinding wheel has followed us around for Charles’ entire life. It used to be in his father’s barn when he was a kid. When the farm was sold and the barn was razed, this is one of the few items that Charles salvaged.

The wooden frame rotted away, yet the grinding wheel and the iron crank still make delightful presentation in the garden, whether it’s surrounded by hostas, or freshly fallen snow.

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Independence Day – July 4, 2012

Grab a flag on your way to the parade

If you’ve been a decorating buff for any period of time you have seen the “flag theme” overdone as an interior color scheme. Oftentimes the red, white and blue decor and accessories come off as corny or┬áschmalzy.

We fly the flag frequently on our house, but the buntings only appear for holidays.

July Fourth is a wonderful time to gather with friends, family and community to celebrate what has made this nation great. There is so much more to celebrating our independence than a sale at Wal-Mart. Grab a flag out of the flower pot, take the kids to Main Street and watch the parade.

Later in the day, toss a blanket on the lawn at the park and cuddle with your kids as you watch the fireworks.

The One that got away

It is not a yacht, but it is my speed

I have been longing for a small old boat for years. I want it to place in a flower bed. Then I will place another flower bed inside the boat. When Charles and I drive along the shoreline in Ipswich or Gloucester we sometimes see these old relics that are no longer sea-worthy being used in this fashion. In Essex there is a traffic island that has an old dory planted right in the middle of it.

Most old dories are quite large and heavy and they do not transport well in a short-bed pickup truck. Old wooden boats are difficult to find.

Charles was on a trip to visit our son in Connecticut and he saw this boat for sale in Lordship. It is so neat and it would fit in Charles’ pickup truck, but the boat is to nice to leave outside in a flower bed. Maybe I can send him back to get it and we can use it on the pond.