Radio Flyer Engine No. 9

Radio Flyer Engine No. 9

I fell in love with this little fire engine. I rescued it from the crusher at a local landfill.

I expected Charles to give me a hard time when he saw it.

When he came home and discovered it sitting on the front stoop covered with a decade or two of dirt I heard him holler, “This thing is so cool! I love it!”

Charles gave it a good washing, he got rid of all the dirt, grime and spider webs. He left it old and faded. Now the internal debate is raging: do I place it in a flower bed as “yard art” or do I bring it to Booth 90.


Rust Never Sleeps

I love rust artifacts in my garden

Charles chose the title of this blog post. He says it is from a Neil Young album. Whoop Dee Doo!

Charles likes Neil Young. I don’t. But I do like rust. In fact I love rust; not on our cars or tools, but on old stuff in my garden. The gears in this photo belong in my garden.

My hubby discovered this cast iron relic while walking in the woods in Groton. The big gear is about 16 inches in diameter. Charles figures the entire assembly weighs about 75 pounds. It would require a trek of over a mile to the nearest road. If he would take better care of himself he would be fit enough to get this for me.

I will stop making him desserts and by Labor Day my fit and trim man can bring this trophy home.

Stormy Skies

Stormy Skies

I can always count on Charles to capture our surroundings on film.

A few weeks ago we had a series of thunderstorms pass through. After the storms subsided we looked out the back window to see the air was filled with an eerie greenish hue. The lily pads seemed to glow. Charles was able to catch it on his iPhone before it passed.

The seasons and the weather are constantly changing on the pond. That is one of the reasons we love being here.