Decorating with Wooden Balls

wooden balls in a rowA Ball by any Other Name

Guess what this post is about? Would you believe, it’s about spheres. OK, it’s balls. More specifically, it is about using them in decorating.

I love to fill boxes and bowls with them, and I love how the light plays on their curves. Whatever you choose to call them, round items are popular design elements in my home.

Nothing Shiny

Enter the term “decorative balls” into your web browser and you will be bombarded with glass, textile, metal, disco-mirror, rag, rope, feathers and a gazillion other round design elements. The displays are also quite varied, such as being placed in large glass cookie jars and vases, wire baskets, and upon pedestals. Many are brightly colored and shiny.

At Suzanne’s Cottage, we don’t do “shiny”. My color palette tends to be more subdued and earthy. Instead of brightly colored glass, or shiny metal, I have Croquet balls, Bocce balls, Billiard balls, Baseballs, and Softballs.

They are easy to find. I get them at yard sales, swap sheds, flea markets. People throw them away. People give them to me.

I soften their appearance by staining them. It dulls what may be left of bright stripes painted on the balls. It also helps them to blend with their wooden containers. This works with wooden balls and hide covered balls like baseballs. This link will illustrate how they often appear in my home.

Obviously billiard balls will remain unstained, so rather than blending, their polish and brightness offer contrast in their displays.

Display Alternatives

Most of my display containers tend to be wood. This house screams “brown” louder than a UPS Truck. I accessorize with color, but at the heart of it, earth tones rule.

So my various round collections will be displayed in wooden bowls, boxes, baskets (my husband will be proud of my use of alliteration). I also use trays and crockery to add variations in color and texture.

Nothing says Spring quite like a large wooden bowl of baseballs on the table. Well, actually a vase of daffodils or tulips works too.

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