Goose Decoy Basking in the Sun

Goose Decoy
Winter sunlight provides a soft glow to a wooden goose decoy sitting next to a log cabin lamp.

Goose Decoy

This fireplace provides a dynamic backdrop for many of my decorations. This time, for one of my many Goose Decoys.

Being on a pond, I love decorating with things that suggest “pond life”, such as fishing paraphernalia, decoys, snow shoes, and more.

More Decoys

I am constantly on the lookout for ducks, geese and swan decoys. Some are wood, others resin. I’ve even got a canvas one stretched across a wooden frame. And I’ve got cheap painted paper fiber ones.

Some are very primitive, some are folksy, other are somewhat realistic.

More sophisticated homes display fine hand-crafted decoys. No so with me. I am ambivalent about any collectable value, I simply like pieces that “fit” the “Cottage on the Pond” theme. I’m uncomplicated. If you wander through screens on Google or Pinterest, you’ll see all varieties. Some are more to my liking than others.


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