Happy New Year!!

Cold surf on Penzance Road in Rockport.
Cold surf on Penzance Road in Rockport.

Charles and I like to ring in the New Year by driving to the ocean, and taking a brisk walk on the beach.

Well, he walks on the beach, taking pictures, and I sit in the car with the heated seats, while he freezes his tail off.

Anyway you slice it, we begin the year with a trip to the ocean. Our favorite town on Cape Ann is Gloucester, and our favorite eatery is Passports. Every meal begins with a hot popover, steaming right out of the oven. You must try their Seafood Mariscos.

Gloucester is also home to our favorite Italian bakery, Caffe Sicilia.

Charles does much of his writing in coffee shops. He has been known to drive to Gloucester for a cappuccino at Lone Gull Coffeehouse, just to sit for an hour to write.

We drive an hour and a half, some highway, but mostly windy back roads. We’ve been making this trip for over forty years. We love Cape Ann, the ocean in the wintertime is a windy, frigid, but wonderful place. Yes, it’s cold, but gritty old Gloucester warms our spirits, winter, spring, summer and fall.

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