Happy Valentine Day

Roses aren't just for Valentine Day
He buys me roses, just because…

Last year we were buried in snow on Valentine Day, this year not so much.

This is an interesting day, considered by many to be a “Hallmark Holiday”, though it’s roots go back centuries.

Regardless of it’s roots, it has certainly evolved into an industry for the greeting card companies, as well as florists and chocolatiers.

Charles and I have never placed much stock in “special days” designated for demonstrating affection. Why not be loving every day, just because?

He bought me flowers simply because he saw them, and thought I’d like them. I bought him flowers, because I knew he has had a stressful week. No holiday required.

I enjoy giving Charles something he won’t spend money on for himself. Usually because he is trying to be responsible with the budget.

Valentine Barbell
This is Charles’ happy place. So this is what I gave him for Valentine Day, Birthday, and Just Because Day.

We buy one another little treats just because we are blessed to have one another’s companionship another day. Just because we get to catch up on each other’s day, over the dinner table. Just because we get to clear the cobwebs from our eyes together over our first cup of coffee.

We don’t need Valentine Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. Yes they may be a nice reminder, but by God’s Grace, we have Everyday, and that works just fine for us. We will continue to cherish them as long as we continue to be blessed with this marriage.

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