How I Decorate for Fall

How I decorate for Fall
Let the Nesting begin! Autumnal decor is beginning to evolve in the cottage.

Decorate for Fall – My Favorite Season

I typically decorate for a season, not a holiday. So I decorate for Fall as a whole. The Fall Season is not about just Halloween in Suzanne’s Cottage. It is about harvests of pumpkins and gourds, colorful foliage, brisk mornings, shorter days, and longer cozy evenings.

This photo is a recent shot of one corner of my living room. I tried to get a decent picture with nothing more than natural light. No easy feat with bright light streaming through the window, especially using an old iPhone.

If I had to choose three key elements for my decor, I’d opt for texture, color and shapes. All these work synergistically to create the mood of the room.


This room features a wide variety of textures, beginning with the focal point of the room, the fireplace. The cracked old oak mantle caps the stone face of the hearth. Some textures are rough, some are smooth.

If you sit and look around the room you will see stone, various woods, textiles of cotton, wool and fleece. There are old shed antlers, baskets of various materials. Braided rugs and carpets cover the floor. These textures convey a sense of warmth.


Autumn colors are easy to define. If you need a clue, step outside, or look out the window. Summer brilliance is fading into a palette of golds, browns, and orange. Bright greens are now subdued to darker hues. Think earth tones.  As the sun is lower in the sky, day light is softer. Night lights create a warm glow across the colors and textures.


Shapes are also quite varied. Artifacts include decoys, books, game boards, crockery jugs, lamps, and the baskets and antlers I mentioned earlier.


Groupings can be used for decorations as well as furnishings. For decorations, consider grouping like items in a vignette. A table top may display old toys or games. A wall display may be a cluster of framed items, such as photos, or maps, or documents.

Grouping of furniture is key to creating a cozy environment, whether it is savoring solitude, curled up on a love seat with a lap blanket and a good novel, or engaging in warm conversation with friends. I have a chair in each corner of the room, each with it’s own table and lamp. Sitting in any chair in the room provides a totally different perspective of the room. It’s interesting and it’s fun.


The joy of decorating is the opportunity to create a unique space that conveys things about you and your style. Personally, my goal is create a style of a rustic cottage, that encourages people to relax and enjoy lakeside living. In this featured room, all four seats face the center of the room. This creates the atmosphere for conversation. As mentioned above, every seat in the room provides a vastly different view of decorating vignettes.

I also make sure there are plenty of blankets and pillows for snuggling up with a book or a cat. I’d love to know about your favorite fall decorating. Drop a comment below.

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