Keep Your Treasures in Motion

draw the viewers eye by creating a sense of motion within each scene
Rearranging a few items, and adding a couple more, changes the whole look of the cozy corner. One item leads you to the next.

Let’s Define Motion

The key to moving products is to keep your Treasures in Motion. The dictionary describes motion as, “the action or process of moving or being moved.”

Sometimes this means you move treasures from one shop to another. Most times, it is simply a matter of managing your space.

Visit your shop space every few days, tidy up things and rearrange items to keep them in a position that makes them visible. Present treasures prominently. Rearranging your items keeps the space fresh.

Decorating as Art

Motion is not always the physical act of moving. Sometimes you must convey it visually. Movement within the context of art is, “A principle of design used to create the look and feeling of action and to guide the viewer’s eye throughout the work of art.”

Keep this in mind as you stage your shop space. Create vignettes that draw the viewers eyes from one item or collection to another. In this context, your goal is “guide the viewer’s eye” throughout your universe of treasures for maximum impact.

Make an Impression

Frequent shoppers notice a space hasn’t changed since their last visit. This is relevant because this projects the impression that your space is stagnant. Moving waters do not grow stagnant. The same holds true for shop space. Keep things moving and no one will ever accuse you of stagnating.

Your job is to convey the impression that you are offering treasures that fly off the shelves. Make it happen.

I recently spoke with a customer who mentioned that she had seen a unique lamp in my space yesterday. She came back for it today. I informed her that it was sold. Dealers in collectibles are not offering commodity products. If you see something you like, you had better snatch it, because my goal is to keep Treasures in Motion.

Happy hunting!

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