Let’s Hide Under The Stairs

Quiet space, tucked in a corner beneath the stairs
Morning sun filters through the windows on a cold autumn morning, in this quiet space, tucked in a corner beneath the stairs.

Our cottage is a quirky place. It was a one room cottage in 1900. Then owners added rooms. They bumped the house East, West, North and South. When they ran out of points on the compass, they dug a basement. Then years later they built a second story.

This means the house has no square corners, no levels floors, and you step up to go into one room, and down to go into another.

The stairs are more like a ladder, and I like to use this “out-of-the-way” location, beneath them, to feature fun items.

This season I moved a twig table that got “tossed in for free”, when I bought a used couch for cheap. The couch is gone, the the twig table remains.

A few months ago, I found a pair of filthy rustic hickory chairs. I hosed them off, scrubbed with a bit of soapy water. When they were dry, I wiped them down with Restore.

This is a great place to read or meditate in the early morning, before everyone wakes up, clamoring for coffee.

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