Spring – In a Jar

Yellow Lilies bring a bit of Hope for Spring, in the dead of winter.

Spring is in 33 Days!

This weekend the weather has been sub-zero temperatures, with a nasty wind-chill. I scoured my photos for something that would remind me of Spring.

Yesterday was 12 below, with a 40 below wind chill at 6:00 a.m.

We’ve got the furnace cranking overtime, we need to keep hot water flowing through those old pipes.

The new-fangled programmable thermostat set back the temperature at night to 64 degrees last winter, long enough for the pipes to freeze and burst.

No more of that for This Old Cottage, we keep over-riding the settings. It’s time to go back to the good old-fashioned kind.

In the meantime, we keeping stuffing “Spring” into Ball Jars. Yellow flowers are always a favorite of ours, regardless of the time of the year. Spring brings Daffodils and  Lilies. Summer brings Roses, and of course late summer bring the sunshine via Sunflowers. These yellow blossoms always bring a smile to our faces.

Ball Jars

Taste a little of the summer, my grandma put it all in a jar – Greg Brown

We have used canning jars for vases (and for iced tea and lemonade too) for years. Charles is responsible for the title of the post. He says flowers in Mason jars always remind him of this song. Charles likes Greg Brown, me not so much. But then Charles is a story teller, so I can see why he’d relate to this guy.

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