Summer Goodness in Montana, Massachusetts

Vacations mean we can have a leisurely breakfast, as long as Charles cleans the kitchen

Though the weather says it has been summer for weeks, the fact that Charles and I still work for a living sometimes affects how much of it we can savor.

This week we are on vacation. We seldom go away. It’s not that we don’t like going away, it’s that our home is a getaway.

Due to the nature of Charles’ job he is seldom left alone even when he is on vacation. He has a codeword that he shares with his closest colleagues: Montana. If he refuses to be disturbed, he tells people he is going to Montana. Montana is too far away to be able to come back for any emergency, so don’t bother calling.

We spent three years in North Dakota, but we never made it to Montana. Someday we may travel there, but for now Montana, Massachusetts suits us just fine.

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