Sitting on the dock with my first cup of coffee, and a brilliant sunrise on Flannagan Pond. It's gonna be a great day at Suzanne's Cottage.
Sitting on the dock with my first cup of coffee, and a brilliant sunrise on Flannagan Pond. It’s gonna be a great day at Suzanne’s Cottage.


Welcome to Suzanne’s Cottage. If you were really at my door I’d welcome you in to join me for a cup of coffee.

Depending upon the season, we could sit at the cafe seating on the porch, the deck, or perhaps you’d prefer sitting on the dock by the pond. If it’s cold, there’s a warm fire in the gathering room.

Suzanne’s Cottage is about comfort. A recent guest summed it up in a single word, “Welcoming”.

When she said that, my face lit up with a smile. That was what I had set out to accomplish with my decor.

The purpose of this site is to capture the fleeting decorations that adorn each room throughout the year. This was my husband idea. He is the writer and web designer.

My desire is to share ideas about design. My style is an ever-changing blend of Primitive, Rustic Cottage and Country. Since we live on the water, I tend to gravitate to elements that bring the outdoors in, such as nets, fishing rods, snowshoes and decoys.

I hope you enjoy your visit, feel free to explore.

About Me

Hello, I am Suzanne Withazee. This is a pictorial journal of my little country home in Central Massachusetts. I live here with my husband, Charles. We discovered this old house about twenty years ago and it has become a palette for my creative muses ranging from seasonal interiors, to Junk Treasure renovations, to gardening. Outdoors, we love the colors and textures of flowers and greenery contrasted by the hardness of stone walls and patios.

SuzanneI particularly love “junking”, picking up items that have seen better days and breathing new life into them. Some items get repurposed in the house, some are put into the gardens to rust and others are cleaned up and sold for someone else’s pleasure.

This site will change with the whims of my decorating and the willingness of Charles to capture some decent pictures. All my designs are like vapor. They come and go with the seasons and photo vignettes are oftentimes the only evidence that some of these designs ever existed. Tour the galleries, navigate throughout the site. There is new stuff around every corner. Please feel free to subscribe for blog updates. I want to hear from you.