Winter is Here in 2017

grinding wheel
The dusting of snow clinging to the circular grooves in this stone, present a frigid image.

Note: This was a surprise. I just discovered this post I wrote almost a year ago and forgot to publish it. So it’s back in season.

We managed to make it into mid-January (2016) before we experienced seasonally cold and inclement winter weather.

Earlier this week, we had about 3 inches of powder, accompanied by extremely high winds and frigid temperatures.

This evening, the forecast is for freezing rain changing to snow, ending at noontime tomorrow. But you didn’t tune in to Suzanne’s Cottage for the weather forecast, did you?

This old grinding wheel has followed us around for Charles’ entire life. It used to be in his father’s barn when he was a kid. When the farm was sold and the barn was razed, this is one of the few items that Charles salvaged.

The wooden frame rotted away, yet the grinding wheel and the iron crank still make delightful presentation in the garden, whether it’s surrounded by hostas, or freshly fallen snow.

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