Junking, NOT for Minimalists

Basement Storage

The other day I chatted about how my basement is bursting at the seams. Storage space is precious.

The issue with all this stuff is that for every car load I haul to the shop, half of it comes back. I’ve been doing this for years, and you never know what will sell. Some things seem so obvious that someone will want the item, and you’re stuck with it for two more years.

The fact is that some things have a limited period during which they will be attractive. Hand-painted sleds do not fare well in July. Wheelbarrows do not move in January. So if you don’t capture someone’s eye, you toss it back in the car, and it lands back in the garage (and my husband gets teary-eyed because he can’t get to his barbells).

Shop “Storage”

The other day I also mentioned that rental storage is just added overhead, BUT additional shop space is a cost that also provides an opportunity for a sale, while basements, garages and storage lockers do not.

A fascinating point regarding Junktiques, is that an item that seems to have no appeal to buyers in Shop A, gets snapped up within days, 9 miles down the road in Shop B. You never know.

Shopper demographics is not a science in this business, but it is still a reality. Some of it is geographic. Some is socio-economic. And some of it is the micro-culture of each individual store, which is really a direct influence of the shop-owner.


It is the manifestation of the shop owner’s values, awareness and intuition in regards to their vision of their store. It is also reflected in how they treat their vendors and customers. There are some stores that are quaint and welcoming. There are also some that are stunning in their scale and presentation, but they lack warmth and hospitality, such that you leave feeling your visit was an imposition.

When I am shopping for treasures, or for a shop to sell my wares, I make many visits to a store. I wish to determine if the shop owner cares enough to make everyone welcome at their door. If so I will be back, and I trust others will return as well.

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