War in the Basement

Every picker and dealer knows that when you spot a treasure, you’ve got to act quickly. Do you snag it? Or let it go and never look back? But what happens when storage become part of the decision?

If you own a building, or a barn, or a storage trailer, you have more flexibility. But even that has limits.

At The Cottage, I have commandeered the basement. Charles is pleased that I haven’t made him relocate the furnace and the oil tank for my convenience. Seriously, I have collectibles on display all over the house, and there is stuff in every conceivable nook and cranny in this old house.

We have no outbuildings. Renting a storage unit only raises the cost of goods, so that is an option we do not even consider.

I try to store my goodies seasonally or thematically, so when the time is right, I fill up the car and move the stuff to my shop space in New Hampshire.

This photo was taken about a year ago. I am pleased that much of this stuff has sold, but it has been replaced by a newer, more voluminous treasure trove. Look forward to a few more of these photos in upcoming posts.

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