My Geek

Charles is my personal assistant, my photographer, my early morning barista, my web designer, oh yeah, he is also my husband. His began his career in computer technology in 1969 (I guess that makes him a Primitive Geek). Yeah, he is old and rusty too, just like everything else I collect. Over the years he has designed several web sites and blogs for us. I’ll let him tell you more, but beware, he speaks a different language, so I may have to translate before I publish this page.


A couple years ago I retired from my job as an IT Director. After 40 years in tech, I detest fixing things. I just want a tool that works. I do not need or desire the latest and greatest tech gadgets. I do all my site work on my ancient MacBook Pro.

All of our sites are built on WordPress and professional themes. My photo needs are simple. I opt for convenience over precision, so most shots are from my iPhone, because it is seconds away.

Since I have retired I do most of my writing at several of my favorite coffee shops, or at home, where I occupy the “Crow’s Nest” overlooking Flannagan Pond. It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it.

When I am not being Suzanne’s IT Department, I may be doing CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Motorcycling, or writing in my own blogs.

Since this site is constantly evolving, there are many features on the way, including subscription capability and social media feeds. My boss is a tyrant and she has a growing Honey-Do list that terrifies me.